German Keyboard Layout
 QWERTZ Tastatur (105 key layout)

The characters { [ ] } \ @ ~ are accessed by holding the Alt Gr key and tapping the other key.
The Alt key on the left will not access these additional characters.
The accent keys ^ ` are dead keys (nothing happens until you type a second key).
Tap on an accent key once, let up, then tap on a vowel to produce accented characters. ( etc.)
Note that the semi-colon and colon are accessed by holding down the shift key (large arrow up).

Abbreviations on a German Keyboard:
large arrow down
large arrow up
Alt Gr

Bild (+ small arrow up)

Bild (+ small arrow down)

Pos 1
caps lock
alternate graphics
screen/page up
screen/page down
Feststelltaste "hold key"
Umschalttaste "switch over key"
Steuerung "steering"
hold down to access 3rd symbol on key
Einfgen "place in"
Entfernen "remove"
Bild auf "picture up"
Bild ab "picture down"

Position eins "position one"

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